Hey everyone! Today I have something special for the guys. We'll be exploring simple steps that guys can take to ensure that their skin is soft, pampered and healthy.

Irrespective of your gender, the skin is unarguably the body's first line of external defense. It helps the body facilitate and regulate body temperature, hold body fluids, and prevents dehydration and generally protects the body.

However, there are marked differences in women's and men's skin type that makes it necessary for men to follow a skincare routine and adopt the use of skincare products specifically formulated for them. There are structural differences between men's skin and women's skin. Androgen (testosterone) stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness, which accounts for why a man's skin is about 20-25% thicker than a woman's. In addition to being thicker, a man's skin texture is tougher.

The presence of facial hair also gives men a more robust support structure for their faces. 

Is Men's Skin Really Different?

As mentioned above, the male skin, on average, is about 20-25% thicker than the female skin as it contains more collagen and has a tighter and firmer look. Men, also tend to have more active sebaceous glands, which implies they have larger pores than women. The larger pores mean double production of sebum, which makes the male skin more oily and shiny than their female counterparts. 

While the notion that men age slower than women is debatable, signs of aging seem to appear later in the male skin compared to the female skin.

However, these changes occur quickly once they begin. While men get wrinkles, they occur later in life than in women. 

Overall, men's skin is prone to most kinds of irritations, inflammations, and skin stress from shaving as they are likely to develop rosacea, which is when the skin is inflamed and develops reddish bumps as a result of visible blood vessels. It could also be mistaken for acne.

Easy Skin Care Routine For Men

We can agree then that men also need a skin regimen. We may differ on the product type and the regimen's frequency, but I believe a functional skincare regimen for men should follow the whole nine yards like women do: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, toning, eye care and sun protection. 


The sure foundation for a great skincare routine for men is clean, soft skin. The general practice should be to continually wash your face when you wake up, after every sweat induced activity, and before you retire to bed, which in the least, should be a twice a day wash.

Ensure to open up the pores by using warm water on your face; this enables the cleanser to perform it's deep cleansing function and unclog skin pores, leaving your face fresh, clean and younger looking.



One important caveat; exfoliation should come after a facial wash (and after shaving). Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells and any impurities lying deep in the skin pores. When exfoliating, pay more attention to areas with the highest concentration of dead skin buildup which is usually the forehead, nose region, and the neck. Also, take great caution around the eyes and other areas where the skin is most delicate.



Always follow up cleansing with a good toner to keep the skin moisturized, minimize pore appearance, and help deal with harsh, rough skin. Toning preps the skin for maximum absorption of the moisturizer, tightens the pores in the skin and will help keep the wrinkles away. 


Eye Care:

Eye care is an integral aspect of a man's skincare routine. Are you starting to see wrinkles and puffy bags around the eyes? Paying adequate attention to a daily eye care regimen will keep those peskies at bay because the skin around the eyes is thinner in nature than on the rest of the face. Eye cream application in the morning and at night after cleansing will ensure that that area is well moisturized and hydrated.


The essence of moisturizing is to keep the skin healthy and youthful as a good moisturizer helps the skin retain and replenish the moisture you may lose daily. Let's get this straight, the use of a moisturizer does not in any way diminish your masculinity and that dry, ashy face is not cute! Truth is, men need to use moisturizer for all the same reasons women do. However, because men shave and thereby 'exfoliate' their skin when they do, this presents an added impetus to further moisturize their skin. The Glow'd Up Face Hydrating Moisturizer found here is an excellent lightweight moisturizer that is formulated with Aloe Vera and other skin loving organic and natural ingredients that repairs, softens, hydrates and pampers skin for that youthful glow.

Sun Care

It is projected that men, especially those with lighter skin tones, are prone to skin cancer than women. According to Dr. Justin Platzer, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, "Women are used to applying makeup and moisturizer, so they are much more compliant about protecting their skin." Regular sunscreen usage reduces the risk of skin cancer by almost 50%; it also wards off wrinkles, weathered skin, and age spots.

While some men may think suncare protection is a 'girlie' thing, it's regular application will go a long way in keeping skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun while prolonging the health and life of the skin.

There you have it guys! A simple skincare regimen that you can start now to help you looking and feeling your best. 



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